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Alice the Hedgehog by SerafimaTheDarkAngel
Alice the Hedgehog
And now for something completely different....
No really.... I wanted to draw something new... and I started to draw Shadow the Hedgehog.... but then I thought of the character :iconcatastrophe519: drew a LOONNG time ago... who was it, Autumn? So I took a little of that design (from what I could remember) and made.... Alice! Me as a Hedgehog really! I was thinking... oh... maybe I should make her a bat??? Nah.... she didn't look good as a bat....
Of course I have a back story for her, but I won't get into that. I love Love LOVE Shadow btw..... He's really my fav... (OMG GUYS YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO GET THESE DRAWINGS LOOKING LIKE SONIC CHARACTERS OMFG)

Alice by me!
Shadow (c) Sega!
Tales of the Tormented Pg17 by SerafimaTheDarkAngel
Tales of the Tormented Pg17
This page (pg 17) I drew before pg 16... I hadn't realized I only thought about drawing pg 16 and hadn't actually done it yet... ^^; haha



Tales of the Tormented by Me !

Ohmyglob This was the first time I had ever been to Anime Expo! Woo!

It was… certainly an interesting time! Good outweighed the bad I think! Thursday we arrived at our hotel around noon. Originally we were to have a single double bed, but I had requested either 2 doubles, or a king size bed. When we checked in, I was informed that I would be in a suite. I didn’t think anything of it. We went up to our room in the green tower… and BOOM. 2 bathrooms, king size bed, “living” room, mini fridge and even some comfy robes. Wow okay… that was a nice room! Another nice thing was there was practically a mini mall right in our hotel… so we didn’t have to worry about our food situation! While eating some lunch I checked the schedule on my phone. I found out there was a “Alice in the Country of Hearts” group photo shoot Friday, and a “Tales of” shoot on Saturday… Perfect! because we brought Alice and Vivaldi, Pascal and Raine! Zelda and Hilda were to be worn Thursday after picking up our badges…So we take the shuttle to the convention center and…wow… lot’s of people! We get off the bus in search of the Pre Registration line. I asked one of the bag check lady’s at the door. She said the the “Pre Registration line was across the street in the purple line.” OK… so we walk across the street… go inside…and all we see is the registration line “red.” OK… so I ask another guy… “Oh the line is right there and goes out side” OK… so we go outside to the end of the line…Something didn’t seem right. We saw no purple… SO I asked one last time, the staff at the end of the line. “Where is the PRE Registration line?” “Oh That’s around the corner on the other side of the building.” OOOK. We decided to go through the building to the other side, since inside was all cool with Air conditioning. Nope. We got to the other side, only to be cut off from the end of the line AND now locked outside. After waiting a few minutes, some other people walked out of the doors, and we got back inside, only to walk all the way around BACK outside… around the building, seeing a BUTT load of people in line for PRE Registration…I think 3.5 hours of our 4 hours waiting in line was spent in the sun… the dreaded sun. Where I was melting and got sunburned. Bought two $2 waters only to have the AX staff give out free water later. (Oh well)…It felt like forever, but we finally got to be in the shade and the line was moving at a decent pace. Once we finally got inside to scan our barcodes, at first, mine wasn’t working and an AX staff member had to input my name into the computer, then it worked. Sara on the other hand… When her badge printed out… her name... was Sars… yep. We decided…. OH WELL. We went to the dealer’s hall with only 30 mins to shop until they closed. We decided it was better to go back to the hotel and relax instead of dressing in Zelda/Hilda… we were hot and sweaty and tired! from standing in line for so long. I believe we got something to eat. In the room I ironed my Alice dress… and that’s all I can remember lol. Our “Alice in the Country of Hearts” shoot was from 2pm to 3pm, so we weren’t going to leave until about 1pm to get to the shoot. We ate breakfast, got ready blah blah blah, only to show up at our shoot location… we waited for the “Free!” Group to be over… until another Vivaldi came over to tell us that our shoot actually got moved to 1pm!! Whhhhhaaaat?! We still hung around at the top of the stairs anyway, because 3 Boris and a Pierce came over! So we still had a mini shoot! Then another Alice and a Julius showed up, but only stayed a few minutes D: We hung out with everyone for a little while, getting pictures together, and then dispersed. Friday night was also the Labyrinth Masquerade! Sara was Vivaldi and I was Alice. I decided (at the last minute) to make Alice’s blue gown from the 5th manga cover. Finished that thing in 3 days, I did! So I got into that with my totally not matching bat mask. I added Alice’s bow onto it to try and make it match…We took a cab to the beautiful Park Plaza Hotel. But yet again, it was really hot in there! We wondered around, watched some performers, sat and drank tea, wandered around some more, then left. We were there for a few hours. :3 Saturday we decided to spilt the day in half. The first half we wore Pascal and Raine, and the second half we wore Zelda and Hilda. We got to the con well before the expected “Tales of” shoot time, in case the time changed again. We wandered around and checked out the gaming area. In the same area, there were stages for people to take photos. (like at Aki- Con) We got some Pascal and Raine photos in the “forest” area. Then we people watched and headed to the shoot location. What a turn out! It was great! We were surprised that there where 2 other Raines! There were even 2 other Pascals! I became friends with one of them :3 We dressed in Zelda/Hilda for the evening, and as we were leaving our hotel we ran into Yaya Han!(She was Heartseeker Ashe) She was staying in the same hotel as us! We talked with her a little then left. We didn’t want to keep her too long, because she looked tired…Saturday night was the AX “Masquerade.” (Pretty much the Costume/Skit contest) We stayed as long as we thought we could, because we didn’t want to miss our bus back to the hotel… so we missed who won…sad! Before leaving, we went back to the area with the stages and got some Zelda/Hilda shots :3 (Sara seen here ) We ended up taking a cab home…Sunday, we dropped off our bags at the hotel, and walked to the convention center (since we were not dressed in cosplay) We did some final shopping, then went to the rePlay symphony. It was very similar to the Zelda symphony. There were a lot of games that they did music for that I’d never played and they looked pretty interesting! Because our flight wasn’t until 9pm, we had to hang around the hotel for awhile, and then again at the airport.


All in all, I thought the weekend was pretty fun! I got to see a lot of awesome cosplays and everyone was pretty nice! (I had been worried…) Would I go again to Anime Expo?? Hmmmm yeah… but not every year like I do with Sakura-con!

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I've lived in the same place all my life, beautiful Washington. I love to draw when I'm in the mood. Recently it's usually at work when I get inspired to draw a picture. Most of my free time is taken up by video games and occasionally working on cosplay. I wanted to be a mangaka, but I don't think my art skills are quite good enough. You can see the pages I've done already in my gallery.

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